Stop and Move on...

You know that I started on that silk muslin blouse last week. I interlined it with jersey and I really spent so much time on that one.
So I know now that the jersey is not the right fabric. It is too slippery and too stretchy. Even hand basted the 2 fabrics were moving when being sewn. I resolved that by using thin tissue on the fabric when sewing but still it was nerve wrecking.

The other issue is the different stretch of the fabrics - this is what basically happens.

I used a 60 microtex needle and an embroidery thread. That worked. But I think I will let this project rest a bit till I feel better about it - it is anyway a summer dress and it is still very much snowing here. I will show you next what I am making instead. I need a better interline fabric - something more hoarse and I will take some time searching for one. Any suggestions?


paco peralta said...

Geri .- I understand what you say. Need a interfacing to give stability to the fabric. In most of the times is a good result using organza or interlining of organza (I know I used my red jacket). Well, not to tell, perhaps also operates a liner Point (look at the blog Laurasewingroom, she often used) or a charmeuse fabric. I hope you find what you want. Greetings. Paco

Geri said...

Thanks a lot Paco, I will take a look at Lauras blog and I will test with organza. But right now I need a pause from this one...
greets geri

Anonymous said...

Hi Geri,
nice blog.
I recently made a dress out of silk chiffon. I used charmeuse (not sure of the quality, but definitely synthetic) as lining. i cut all pieces out of silk and of charmeuse and then treated them as one layer, excerpt for the skirt, where it would have effected the fabric´s movement. Charmeuse is that kind of fabric you find in the stores used for ready-to-wear underskirts or as a lining for lightweight fabrics. I got mine off ebay. It worked very well and so far I have not noticed any cling or static while wearing my dress.
Lieben Gruß

Geri said...

Hallo Hanna!
Happy that you like the blog. Danke schön for your advice. I will definitely try this one too. I asked the woman in my fabric store today too and she said I can use the normal lining fabric. Maybe is the same that you meant.


christina said...

I agree with the others that it's probably best if you use a woven fabric (not a knit) for your lining in this case. Because your yellow polka dot fabric is silk, it would be nice if your lining was also silk. Not sure what it might be called in Germany, but in the US we have something called "china silk", it's a very thin silk that is used only for linings, it's cheaper than other silks. Maybe you could check that out.