Paco awarded me with the excellent blog award- very exciting! Thank you so much, Paco, for all your support and advice since I started my blog. You've been the kindness itself!
I am supposed to give it to 10 other blogs, but I am quite new to blogging anyway and I can't decide so easily. I want to give it to all the blogs on my blogroll (check them out they are great blogs) and dedicate it to all the other sewing blogs I look at! You all keep me inspired and this is not a small thing and easy task, believe me.

Update: Thanks Ana Carina! I hope you will find your kitty!


Ana Carina said...

Hi Geri!
You have one more "Excellent Blog Award"!
Enter in my blog.
I apreciate your clothes and I usualy come here to view the your progress.


Tany said...

Congratulations for your nominations! You deserve them!