Black BWOFy

So this weekend I am starting a new project. It is getting kind of summery here but I still want to make a light wool jacket... Weird I know, but I think it can be very useful on chilly evenings so I am up to it!
The original version is this one.

It has been perfectly made and extremely helpfully explained by Tany. And there are some other great version1 and version2. Showing all these I must confess I am going to change the model - I tried to accept it, but this lampshade sleeve just didn't grow on me. And I am a bit dull in being afraid to get cold with shorter sleeves...
This is what I am making:

A bit boring indeed but the versatility is appealing to me. Or I need something more demure in my wardrobe for the moments I go for the unnoticeable yet chic casual way.
The fabric I am going to use is labelled a wool linen addressing the way it is woven. It's black:

It is soft and quite thin so I might not be too warm on the other side. Don't know what lining I will use. Lets live and see.

Update: Just got the idea to maybe funk it up with some piping. Don't know what colour or material though. Any suggestions?

Yet another update: 75% of the votes till now go for pink. Guys, sorry but I am not the pink kind of girl (yes, I know, I like it in graphics) but I actually own only one pinkish T-shirt and it is more fuchsia... And I wear a lot of black. So I am thinking maybe grey or even silver piping. Or even gold (I treasure gold for its kitschy potential). Maybe black lack piping but this can get cheesy...


Anonymous said...

ich würde als Paspel pink oder rosa vorschlagen. Ich finde das gibt einen schönen Kontrast zu grau.

Grüße Tammi

Hana said...

Yeah, I think pink would be great for contrast in piping, it's what came to my mind, too... And I really like how you decided to change the sleeves, because I wasn't very keen on them either, when I saw the jacket in the magazine.

Mom2fur said...

I was thinking pink, too, since the fabric looks more gray than black. Turquoise would be cool, too.
As far as a lining, how about a hound's tooth (is that one word?) or a black and white check of some kind?
Come to think of it, black and white piping would be cool.

paco peralta said...

Geri .- is a nice jacket you have chosen. the black color of the fabric is very appropriate. you ask as a garnish on .... well ..... I think it would not ornaments, or simply an edging at the seams but made the same fabric or perhaps a similar tone as dark gray. Success for this project. greetings. Paco

Ana Carina said...


This is a simple and beautiful jacket!
I like your version too and it is more simple than original.

Piping... I love blue...and in my opinion should be turquoise (too)!

Good work!

Tany said...

Hi Geri, this is going to be a beautiful coat! I'd go with the black piping but gold would be nice and unexpected!

Hana said...

Actually, what I had in mind was more like fuchsia... Do with it whatever YOU like. :-)

sarah-maria/smvphotography said...

Hi Geri,
ich klopfe mir jetzt mal auf die Schulter, vielleicht hat Dich meine Jacke inspiriert?
Fuer das Piping wuerde ich rot nehmen, aber Deine anderen Vorschlaege toenen auch gut. Viel Glueck mit der Jacke. Ein Vorwarnung: der Kragen ist sauschwer hineinzukriegen und ich hatte Probleme mit dem Selffacing, war nachher nicht gerade, aber ich denke wenn Du vorsichtig bist und alles gut markierst sollte es OK sein. Ich freue mich schon die Jacke zu sehen. Meine naechsten Projekte sind ein paar Bella Hosen und hoffentlich ein Sweatshop T-Shirt wenn Du mal dazu kommst ein How-to zu machen oder das Muster raufzuladen ;-)