Disco Dress

I visited some fabric stores at home but actually I couldn't really find something to catch my eye. And the alfatex store I have in Kassel is actually cheaper. Off course I bought the satin wool for my mum and I both this cotton knit only to be told it is German... So I went all the way to Sofia to buy a German fabric.
The fabric is black with a multicolour boucle touch. Kind of 80s disco hype tamed down.

I sewn a dress using the model 123 from Burda 2/2008. I loved the great version Christina did - off course I cannot beat her owl fabric, which is just awesome. I did the blouse version for my sister but forgot to photograph it. It's pretty much the same but with larger collar and waist bands.

The bottom part is just two A line pieces without any darts the top width being my waist measurement.

All in all I will say it is very easy and comfy summer dress. Something that is quick to sew and quick to wear.

And to keep things fair here a photo with the dress and my other nephew and niece. Not easy to get the three of us looking at the camera... And actually I am just wearing the dress over my other cloths checking the fit...


Matthieu said...

The dress had its glamorous inauguration durig a phantastic concert at the Berlin Philharmonie last night.

Geri said...

Yes, definitely true! We listened to the Berlioz Requiem and the chorus was from atlanta - 210 people. 16 drums! 4 different brass orchestras positioned in the audience!
The dress did quite well.

Christina said...

What a great idea to turn that into a dress! Looks great.