80s dress considerations

I am still thinking which will be the best pattern for the 80s dress (y0u can see the older variation under the link). I was thinking first dress with a square neckline ( I love square necklines...) but than I really want to show off the fabric - so something basic without too many darts that will be discontinuing the print. So this is my last consideration. What do you think?

Again the fabric so you know, what I mean.


Hana said...

The idea of having as few darts as possible sounds good. And the draft looks good, hopefully it will look good in reality, too!

Vicki said...

I think this latest design will work better for the flower placement. But either would look fab :)

Ana Carina said...


I love this last model (I desined some models very similar)!

I agree with you when you said that "are many darts and will be discontinuing the print" and the fabric is so beautiful.

paco peralta said...

Geri .- I like this model. Have you thought about cutting the skirt in bies? ... Would have a great fall. I am impatient to see progress on this project. best wishes and see you soon. Paco

Bea said...

I would love to see this pattern, I would totally make this for myself, and add a tie collar :)