Flower Muslin Thing Details

I remembered that I had promised to show details and better pics of the Flower Muslin Thing blouse. I made the pattern myself, it is meant to become a nice lurex/linen dress (got inspired by this one, but mine is not silver), the bodice of which I've already cut (not sewn though). This was the idea of the dress:

although I am thinking of a more voluminous skirt, more puffy. As you can see I changed the bodice seams more into the direction of a princess seam, it involved a lot of wild dangerous cutting... But it is more fitted this way ( I know I discovered the warm water and the wheel again with this statement...). There were two sleeves options I was thinking of.
I don't know when I will finish it though. It is in Kassel and summer is slowly over...

For the blouse I just lenghten the bodice of the dress (it should end at the waist in the original) and what I did too is made all the seams felted, so I get the more stiffer, corset look. Some details:

The blouse itself:

I see from the photos that it is a bit hanging in the back. I should check that on the pattern. That proves again that pictures are important.

Funny backstage fact: If I appear stoned to you in these pictures, it is due to the only-one-coffee-yet phenomenon.

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Tany said...

The blouse looks terrific on you! Another winner!