A dress and some beginnings

I just couldn't wrap my head up around all the ideas I used to have about my 80s dress. I never proceeded making it because it just didn't feel as the right thing for the fabric. After I made the blouse I just thought that the pattern works great with it and I cut it as a dress. I like the 60s vibe about it (80s dress with a 60s vibe. All right.).
It all sounds cool and I just cut the usual measurements (or I think I did so, I must admit I was a bit inattentive and just drafted the skirt free hand and not from the original pattern). So it is a bit tight around the hips which is not cool at all... I think the truth is I put some weight on and this is quite logical, since it is cold outside and the fridge is my best friend and my sunlight in this weather.

See. Or don't see? I mean the TV Tower is lost in the fog and mostly it is even worst. You don't get it that you are in Berlin. It could be anywhere, where fog is...

But back to the dress. I love it actually. I should stop eating so much and I will love it even more... I laid the fabric very carefully and matched the sleeves to the bodice as best as I could. Sounds complicated, but it is not. I just cut the sleeves next to the armhole openings on the flat pattern.

The neck opening is larger so I don't need the cut in the back.
I used the back side of the fabric showing this time. The colours are more intense then the satin side and in this way it is different to the blouse I already have.


I installed an invisible zipper on the side. I am getting a pro in it. I think the most crucial thing is to iron the zipper before you sew it in. I saw this in a tutorial on a blog somewhere, forgot the link though... Sorry.

I was a bit tired of sewing at the end, but wanted to finish it. So the logical consequence is that I have to redo the hem... I hate when I start bungling and mostly try just to stop before.

Another project started when I was watching a Swedish Crime series (my favourite) on TV Sunday night. I am mostly bored doing one thing at a time...

All in all I should start some winter sewing...


Anna said...

What Swedish Crime series was it? :) (Being Swedish I'm curious. Of course.)

I've been reading your blog for quite some time but I don't know if I've ever commented before. I'm very impressed with the way you seem to "swing" things when you sew. It always come out looking great!

Geri said...

Thanks Anna! Nice to meet you on the blog. Sunday it was Detective Lund. And otherwise I love Detective Beck too and there are some others that I forgot. I prefer the Swedish one to the German, but there are some British I love too - like the one with Helen Miren.

melissa said...

Ugh, if it makes you feel any better it looked exactly like that in London yesterday and today. Just white everywhere!

I absolutely adore that fabric, too. You've found the perfect way to showcase it with simple lines. And about the invisible zippers - the real trick is sewing them in twice on each side, as shown in a Threads article a few years ago. Mine went from messy to PERFECT overnight following it. Email me and I'll send the scan over to you if you like.

Geri said...

You know I did made two stitches. I made all seams double, cause I am thinking that is better to do it once properly than repair it afterwards, which is always tricky.
I will email you.

Emmanuance said...

I know!!! Alex has disappeared today, strange isn't it?
Pretty funcky dress by the way, I love it!

~L~ said...

Where did you get that beautiful tie dyed large print flowery material?! I love it ;)