Sneak A Peek

I started a new dress shirt some time ago but then put it aside due to my birthday and being sick for some time. But the most is done. I even made the hem before I finished the sleeves - this feels kind of liberating since I am always finishing the hem weeks after I wore the garments... It is a hem curse or something.
So a small sneak peek at what it is all about:

I think I need few more days evening sewing.

Funny Backstage Fact:
I got used (means more then 2 times) to sew about an hour while The Simpsons is running... Believe it or not I never watched The Simpsons before, since I normally don't watch TV and now I love them...


Keely said...

I often have UFO's that only need hems done, lol.

Emmanuance said...

You amaze me with your plaid sewing (it is so hard for me to match the squares!) What's your secret?
It's never too late to discover the Simpsons!