The Details

I made the images before I put in the labels... I love them! I have so much fun putting them in.

The Porcelain Blouse:

Double placket.

Pleated and rounded collar. Otherwise the same as the pattern.

The side elastic on the outside.

The fabric... I love the outlines the most. It is such a silky, shiny cotton too...

The Flower Blouse:

These are more of a preview.

The pleats instead of the elastic.

The back. Ivory topstitching.


Collar, front joke and shoulders.

Rounded hem.

PS. Thank you all for the award - I will check it out as soon as I have some spare time - it could be the weekend though...


Berry said...

So that will be one award more from me ;o) The details of your blouses are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I do admire all your blouses!

Agy said...

I love your blouses!