Dowdy Details

So here we go with some dress detail. I always find them helpful to image how the garment works.
So I must say that this was an experiment and a lot of the stuff happened by going along. I took the blouse pattern and cut it in the assumed height. Also I made the front in one piece with a placket. At this point I must say, this was a bit stupid. I could have just taken an already one piece blouse pattern like in later garments. So learn from my laziness and do that.

The collar is just a straight stripe attached to the neckline.

The skirt is basically a straight rectangle and the waist ist define by pleating.

The waste got too wide, but I couldn't make it tighter. It would have been impossible to put it on that way. So i solved it by sewing elastic at the sides.

The front was still to wide so I made two darts in the same line as the pleating.

The sleeves are finished simply with fantastic elastic again...


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Ayleen said...

This is cute... verry nice fabric :)