A meme and a piping

Christina tagged me with a meme and this time I decided just to be a good sport and play it. I have to answer 6 questions.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Lets see ... I was 17 then so I must have been doing my final exams at school. And my sister was expecting my niece. That was exciting.

5 things on my to do list
Oh god! I don't have a to do list. They tend to scare the shit out of me...
But I think today it will be a pleasant evening - beer and friends.

Snacks I enjoy
OK. I think I love salami and little sausages - my favourite snack. Against common sense I enjoy fruit and vegetables in raw state a lot...

Things I will do if I were billionaire
Never think again...
Get someone to take care of my paperwork - I hate bureaucracy and hate taking care of it.

Places I have lived
Sofia, Bulgaria
Kassel, Germany
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Kassel, Germany
Berlin, Germany (soon)

Jobs I have had
Shortly working for an architecture magazine.
Drawing schemes for Italian taxes.
Serving and making sundaes in a family (not my family, but then kind of) Italian ice cream bar.
Intern in an architecture office.
Teaching assistant at the university.

6 people I want to know more about
I will just choose the people I think that will have most fun with it:

- now you have a reason to post again.
Marmota - enjoy!
Maya - another reason to stay at home is to answer memes.
Ana Carina,

I will love to know more about you all.

And since this is a sewing blog I will just show you BWOFy's piping:

I was lucky. I was thinking of black leather and had the idea (sometimes thinking pays off) to just look at the notion sections. And they had this perfect already finished black leather piping. It is quite what I wanted and it cost 0.80 cent per meter which is quite reasonable.
Here how it looks sewn in. It is a bit stiff so the seams are being held in form by it. Means no mistakes. But otherwise it is quite easy to work with.

I know you all were so nice to give me some funky ideas and I liked them a lot. But this was all about taming the beast in me and making something neutral but chic (not too quirky again)...


BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Geri .- through their responses, we can learn a little more than you. this game is fun. I love the black leather edging, is a good choice. Ahh. very beautiful fabrics for the next post. hugs, Paco

Ana Carina said...


Beautiful the piping!!! You chose a black piping and it´s more simple.

The game...I go to play too and talk about me!

marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

hmmm... guess i have dropped off the face of the blogging planet...

i love this meme, it's cool to know these little things about each other. and i've been wanting to try piping forever. too scared. maybe i'll try & post my outcome...

Christina said...

I'm glad you played along! You know, on Saturday I had problems opening your blog, using Internet Explorer - it would say "page is not available", but today everything seems to be fine!

Adriana B. said...

I did not know you were Bulgarian! Nice to meet you! I love your bold fashion forward style.

Tany said...

The black leather piping looks great! Well done!