Tunic 1.0

I made this pattern 3 times by now. It is a pretty easy straight foward pattern, the only difficulty being the collar and the placket. The original pattern is comming from burda ( I will track it down and post it with the next blouse.)

I varied the length and the sleeves each time. The only major change I did is putting elastic pieces at waist height since the pattern was a bit too boxy for my taste.

The fabric is a cotton with black latex print. Very cool, but called a shower curtain by Matthieu there. I must say that I've already sewn up all the fabrics from that post. Not bad.

I look sooo sad on that photo. Funny.

Sorry for the bad photos - I should soon replace my camera.


Gail said...

Stunning fabric and great fit.

abercrombiefitch said...

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