Black Pants and almost last Tunic

I know it is a bit weird the mass production of this tunics I made. There are few parameters coming together that triggered it.
First I think it is a really nice pattern - basic, comfy but tre chic.
Second I am constantly out on tracing paper and just use the already retraced patterns.
Third I am too lazy to retrace new patterns.
And there is even a Forth - I am getting better and quickert each time I sew it again!
The fabric is a cotton plaid that I got from the alfatex online shop.

The fabric is the same as the previous pants - 100% fine wool suiting in black. I got for 1.5 euro per meter as a 3 meter remnant piece in Alfatex. All in the pants cost me 5 euro and the fabric is a better quality as the most you get on ready made clothes. But off course it is a bit of a different account if you count my 6-7 work hours that totally went on this project.

The pants are a very nice shaped pattern with a slim fit. Means you always look good in this kind of cut. I will definetely sew them again. I couldn't find a link to the model on burdafashion. But it is Mod. Nr. 130 von Burda 05/ 2009.

Its a beautiful issue and I am still planing to do this emerald grean jacket:

And all the dresses are just perfect.

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Rachel said...

Those pants are gorgeous. I wish I was better at making them. Thank you for your response on my Beyonce coat question. I bookmarked the sites you gave me. Do you think I would need to do a SBA after grading down four sizes?