Go buy the shoes!

So there is a small info for everybody who is so lucky to live in Berlin!

I just passed by a shoe shop (Next to the bookshop on the corner of Schönhauser Allee and Shivelbeiner Straße - it is almost directly at the U2 Schönhauser Allee subway station) that had a total sale and I spent quite a lot of time there. They have pretty italian shoes marked down 80% and I seriously considered 2 pairs but kept it to one. I am still suffering though.

They had some boots even marked down to 30 euro so it is a diverse choice. I just have no need for boots right now.

Just for info originally they costed 270 euro and I got them for 58.


Colette said...

Fabulous shoes and such a bargain. I love nothing better than a shoe sale.

TM said...

I love these shoes!!!!! especially the grey boots!!!

marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

these are CUTE. i am very jealous of your shop, girl!