The First Step

So the first post will be about an almost done project that I will try to publish step by step. I made the pattern myself and intend to publish it as an open source thing on the www.burdastyle.com web page. So I thought it will be useful to explain the process. I guessed I made some mistakes too...
So first a sneak peek at the finished design:

Then the pieces without the collar, which I cut at the end after i measured the neckline again, cause distances tend to change when you sew. Front piece cut 2 times:
Front revers piece (not sure what it is actually called - is the piece that basically is sewn on the back side of the buttonholes...) - cut 2 times:

Back piece - cut 1 time:
and least but not last off course - the sleeves piece - cut also 2 times, since i have 2 arms...
So as you see I tried really hard to do things properly this time starting with the fusing. The light gray fussing is a light to middle weight, the black and white ones are of the same weight - middle to heavy. The sleeves fold is not fused, cause i intended to make a cuff, which didn't happened at the end - so they were indeed fused later on. At the round edges i applied a very thick stripe - the best is to take cotton tape for it i think - it is all about stopping the garment from getting baggy. So don't fuse if you are after the baggy style ;).

My infos of how to do that properly i got from those links:

Couture et Tricot
Paco Peralta
Assorted Notions
Fashion Incubator

So I must add that it is highly satisfying to have the feeling that you are doing things properly even if it takes time.

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