Going On...

OK today I will just continue with the step by step sewing process of the brown jacket. I don't really have a name for it, but it will be something Elisabeth-ian - the collar just reminds me of that period.
The first seam I did on this garment was the bodice sleeve attachment.

Then flattened it:

And cut it, so it can follow the rounding:

Then I closed the shoulder seams:

Since it is extremely fused one gets a stand at the shoulder area just by stitching it together:

When all the seams are finished in the previous order, you get a weird looking woollen cross:

The next step will be to stitch the side seams all through the bodice and the sleeves:

You don't need to hammer it together even if it looks that way on that picture above. I could continue the cross joke here but I will just stop...
Till now it is extremely easy project as you can see. One thing maybe came to the attention of some of you - I haven't done the front and back darts yet. I left that for the moment after I can actually put the jacket on and check again if the darts are exact. I always prefer to double check this way. And actually at this exact moment something changed in the design - I made a pleat to check the width of the dart and I liked the look of it so much, that I just kept it in there. I think it makes it somehow special.

I got to the first decision here too, which was extremely difficult to take - do I make the cuffed sleeves I intended before or I leave them the way they looked. When I see this older images I quite like the design without the collar, so I might make a summer version this way.
So far, so well...

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