New Purchases

Yesterday I went to the fabric store to get some stuff to finish my new blouse, which looks like that right now, but I got an idea how to pimp it up:

I must say I spent a lot of time patting the silks they had there... I develop a taste for nice and expensive materials and it is fun to touch the fabrics and guess what blend they are. But honestly they always have some great stuff on sale and I made some great bargains buying fabrics I didn't intended to buy and bringing new projects in the house that way. So this is what I got yesterday (click on the images for larger view):

1. A 100% cotton fabric for 3 euros the meter! They call it a cotton satin because it has a subtle sheen to it. It is the same material that I made the JJ blouse of. The colouring is ivory with a blue flower print. It reminds me of porcelain so I want to make something very delicate out of it . I have an idea for a blouse already - with high collar to frame the face and maybe a attachable pussy bow?

2. Again a cotton satin, but this time for 1.99 per meter. I think they are that cheap, cause it may happen to have a print mistake and in the same time they are remnants. I got about 2 meters of it and I think it will become a dress shirt, but I might change my mind.

3. This is something I am quite proud of - a 100% silk chiffon! For 3 euros the meter! Don't know why so cheap. I think they are getting new stuff and are trying to get rid of the old or they just like me... I just loved the print. It will become this dress, but with a bright green, red or blue satin lining underneath so it doesn't look bridal. Must decide on that, but no hurry - it is more of a summer project.

4. Last but not least off course, something I again think of as a bargain - a this piece is a silk and cotton blend, really soft. It doesn't shine as much as satin. I am seriously loving it. The piece is 1x1,45 meter and I got it for 4 euro - was just a remnant. The print doesn't repeat at all and the colours are just beautiful. I think I will make a very simple dress out of it just to emphasize the fabric and the variation of the colour pattern.

Matthieu meant once that my taste is totally 80s, but I refuse to realise it. When I look at this fabric I may believe him...

It's a pity that I just don't have any time for sewing right now...

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