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I didn't had the possibility to print my 80s dress pattern, so I started something else in the mean time to keep me busy. I decided to make a shirt dress. I will be keeping track on the progress, which will be a bit slow, cause I don't have a lot of time for sewing right now.
The fabric is a fine cotton with a great sheen to it. It was on sale for 3.90 eu and I got 1.50 m of it. I got some black thread and I used scraps for the interfacing.
Total Cost:
Again click on the images to enlarge them.

I used the same pattern as for my blouse, since it is already altered to fit me. But I cut it out again in order to position the pieces better on the fabric. And it is also nice to have this pattern separately - I can imagine to use it again and again. I drew a new collar too, but you will see it in the process.
The seam allowance is included in the pattern but I still cut it out larger, cause I wanted to finish it using french seams.
The cut pieces and the original pattern compared to the new one:

First step is preparing the pieces. In this case it means pressing and interfacing. I added middle weight fusible interfacing onto the collar stand pieces. Than I ironed a lightweight interfacing on the front placket and under collar pieces. I pressed all the pieces in the right form. This takes some time but spare a lot of nerves afterwards and it is easier to get the details neat:

So I started sewing by attaching the front placket to the middle front piece. First I pressed it the right way. The unpressed side is being attached to the front piece, stitched together and than pressed inwards into the placket. Then I ironed the placket into its final position - the fold of the placket is done in a way that the back part is a bit wider then the front. That is important for the fixture.

To fix it I am making a stitch on the right side of the garment just between the placket and the front piece.

Here is an image of the french seams finishing.

A good tutorial how to do it you can get here. The next step will be to sew the bodice together.


paco peralta said...

Geri, precious fabric of polka dot, very Spanish. It is very nice the idea of dress-shirt and very fashionable. I am impatient to see your results. A big hug, Paco

Geri said...

Thank you so much Paco. Yes when you say it I think it looks indeed Spanish. I had a small problem with the French seams - it is somehow gathering there and making folds... I saw other technique on your website. I will try it too.