OK. I still didn't do the sewalong with the jeans and the shirt dress, but I did my very own sweatshop this two days - I made 3 T-shirts. The pattern I drew of a favourite of mine and have it in my archive now!
A nude jersey variation:

A geometric wrong perspective variation ( one of the Escher kind):

And a cute dot tetris flower one:

So mission accomplished!


paco peralta said...

very good production Geri and very nice all the shirts. Sincerely, Paco

christina said...

Super cute! I like all of them. I need to start up my sweatshop this upcoming weekend.

Geri said...

hehe. it is fun, cause it is quite quick! I will make a how to draft this one. It is easy.

Colette said...

I really like these swwet t-tops. Especially the 2 printed ones. I would like to see your tutorial on drafting these.

sarah-maria said...

loooove the tetris flower fabric!

Elle said...

Hello, just a random surfer... this is such a great pattern-- you said you copied it from one you already own... do you have it posted anywhere on your blog?