Dot Com Done

The final post of the Dot Com dress.
The posts on this dress:

the pattern


Final images:

( I seem a bit sleepy in that images. I guess I am...)

The collar sewing. Click on the images to enlarge them - I wrote the directions partially on them. Very important is ironing and pressing the pieces of course.

Than the sleeves details:

You know that I used French seams to finish the inside. But somehow there was a problem there - the fabric was gathering on the seams and you couldn't completely iron it out. I ended up cutting my French seam perpendicularly to the seam in small pieces and that worked. But it is not that nice from the inside any more... I don't know if it was the fabric but I will suggest that one better use mock French seams or this technique, where the actual seam is made before the closing seam.
So I actually quite like this dress. I will definitely wear it.


christina said...

Great dress! I love your sense of style. That is too bad about your French seams puckering... maybe something to do with the thread tension? You still got a good result.

Geri said...

Thank you! I happen to like your style too - that is how I started reading your blog.