Berlin The Last

So I am leaving Berlin for three weeks off to Sofia.
We made the final photos for the officially Transylvania approved (Laura, thanks!) Cape Dracula. Spring is starting here and we were

sitting in the sun at Engelsbecken. It is a large basin in Kreuzberg - a multicultural neighbourhood. So sun and so on, we wanted to take the pictures and Matthieu was trying to direct me so I am not standing as wooden as a tree around. At the same time the camera was running very low so the display was shutting down - he couldn't really see what he was photographing. It was throughout fun and the pictures are more dorky than informative...

The lining is a blue dotted knit. I wanted something soft and warmer against the skin. I didn't really put it very well in - I was already sick at this point and I couldn't concentrate so well but wanted to finish it. I actually like it more without the buttons - it looks chic, but I already did the buttonholes so couldn't go for snaps.

Then the last photos of Berlin. First the Schönhauser Allee and the metro.

A walk at the channel.

Waiting for a burger to happen to us at a night Kreuzberg.

And ending the post with some dorkiness again. The funny thing too is that the pub was called Bierhimmel (translated beer sky).

In the next post I will put the cape pattern!


melissa said...

ooh the cape is beautiful! I'm so happy you'll be sharing the pattern! :)

And this, coming from a Transylvanian (3 generations removed) / Pennsylvanian (until I moved to the UK!)... I doubt you'll meet that particular combination many times!

christina said...

I have really enjoyed your pictures of Berlin. And your cape in action!

Tany said...

The Dracula cape in all its glory!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

paco peralta said...

Oh ... Geri .- that it looks good to you layer. I love the lining with polka-dots. I welcome you to this fantastic voyage. best wishes. Paco

Colette said...

You look fabulous in your splendid Dracula cape.

The photos of you modelling it are fun and also thankyou for sharing your photos of Berlin...I hope to go one day.

oonaballoona said...

you look like you're having a blast! i hope the "sick" part was sewing sickness & not an illness... i'm still getting over my sickness, UGH.

stunning that you made your beautiful cape in time for your trip. i always decide, about 24 hours before i leave, that i would love to have a new outfit for my journey, and end up half finishing something badly ;)

Ana Carina said...

Hi Geri!
The cape dracula looks like amazing on you!
It's a very practical model and it combines with many clothes.

Thanks for the "trip" to Berlin!

Colette said...

Hi Geri,

We are missing you!!! I have tagged you with a literary meme.

Check out my post for more info.

canaille said...

the cape is very beautiful!