Kind of Back...

I know I was swallowed by a black hole for some time, but now I am kind of being spit out. The black hole was my family and my holiday is almost over. I have a lot of working waiting for me back in Germany, so there will be a lot of blogging too...
In this post I am showing the final leg-of-mutton dress. As you can see in the photos my staying home involved a miraculous lot of eating... Was great!

I put some plastic boning in but I had no caps - it is poking a lot when I sit down. I may as well remove it if it gets to unnerving or add caps. I basted the sleeves at the upper end a bit - they were too sloppy.
As you see I made the square neckline. I wore the other unfinished version around the house for few hours and the truth was that the fabric is too thick and too stiff. I was getting choked by my dress. So I cut it. So I won.

So some photos from Sofia - made on a rainy day, one of my first here.

A museum and the old palace. Small one, but Bulgaria is very small country - not that small as area but as population - imagine last time they counted 8 million. I mean that is something like double Berlin... Sofia is around 1,8 million.

Looking from the palace in the back you see the Vitosha mountain - it is around 2000 meters and I was skiing there since I was 6 years old! Sofia is slowly climbing this mountain...

So more in the next post!


paco peralta said...

hello again Geri .- I am glad you have enjoyed this time with his family. The blue dress it looks beautiful .... ahhh ... and I love the neckline, I bet on this version. greetings. Paco

Ana Carina said...

Hi Geri!

How are you?

This dress (i love de color) is very elegant and it's perfect for your silhouette.

The neckline is better than the first model!