Rhomb Top ( not Rambo...)

Ok. I will do a how to on this one. Just have to spare some time to do it.
This is basically the same pattern as the Pillow Dress, only square pieces viscose jersey. I thought I should make a quick top and continuing on killing my jersey stash, which is a good thing. Afterwards I can buy more... (Hear mad laughter here.)
On a viscose note I must say I like it a lot. And I somehow don't feel bad that is a synthetically made fibre since it is originally organic (cellulose). And it feels good...
I had this jersey for some time now (2-3 months) but wasn't sure what it can become. After the Pillow Dress I just had the idea with the top and made it in about one and a half hour. Quick sew.

Normally my face doesn't shine that much, but I forgot that I just creamed it... And I must say that the rhombus on the back are not intentionally put this way. It actually happened through the positioning of the rhombus in the front and my width. I saw it and I thought "OK don't put it in the front." but first when I saw the photographs I understood that it is kind of funny in the back too... Sometimes I am slow...


paco peralta said...

Geri .- beautiful dresses. this and the previous one. are made especially for you, look fantastic, really. greetings, Paco

Ana Carina said...

Hi Geri!

One more practical tunic/dress and the colors are great!

The position of the rhombus are not intentionally ?! Looks Fantastic!


Tany said...

Lovely!! Ideal for a summer day!