So I am back on the sewing front. Kind of... More back on the blogging front - I was quite busy this days and in one week I am moving to Berlin! Which is quite exiting, but quite stressful in the same time.
Remember my promise to sew first the fabrics I have and then buy new ones. I took the silk I didn't quite know what to do with and made a tunic dress.
The pattern:

I wanted to make the full length cause I liked it, but I cut one piece too short, so I had to make it shorter. To be honest too somehow longer it made me look quite pregnant - I had to take a bit at the waist to milder that. I think I did something wrong with the folds in the front.
The dress is completely self lined - my first lined dress! Wasn't that bad.
I also hate invisible zippers, they always end up quite visible with me... But this time it worked out quite well and wasn't that bad either. Ufff...
The only place where it ended up a bit ugly was the hand sewn front facing from the inside. I am considering redoing it but maybe I will be too lazy.
All in all is a great pattern and a comfy dress. I will make another one. It took me like half a day doing it with the lining, which is quick too.

p.s. I look a bit oily cause I just showered...


Cafe Couture said...

hello geri this is funny but I am on it too, and I would say that the fabric you used is changing the dress completely to my eyes. it looks really nice on you. Did you have problems with the pattern size? I cut it out and seems like it's larger than an usual 38? I'll be using a dark grey linen.

paco peralta said...

Geri .- clothing and fabric is beautiful and you also looks very summery. I understand you with invisible zippers .... ufff. I opted for things with your foot normal for zippers, but the final part is a big problem. Best wishes, Paco

Christina said...

I like this! I want one too!

Good luck with the move.

Kloth & Bolt said...

very cute, i really like it! -kb

Colette said...

Geri you can wear any dress! It looks great.

I will be waiting for that issue.

Good luck with the move.


DeadmansLog said...

Found your blog off burdastyle - I love it!

Felt compelled to comment for no good reason other than to say that and wish you luck in Berlin. I adore Berlin. :)