Drawing Alison

A lot of you have noticed the Alison swimsuit Burdastyle published. Cidell is even making one.
Burdastyle made a small competition on making the technical drawing for the suit and since I always have a lot of fun in making graphics I participate. My drawing (image is lot larger):

On the sewing front I will post very soon.

Update: I put in a line for the neck closure or seam - it has to have a seam there, doesn't it? Thanks Natron for the cue!
And Cidell thanks again for making the suit - I could peek at your blog and get the construction better.
Hm Oona, same with me with the technical drawings, I always have to look at them first before I really like a garment.


Natron said...

Looks good! But i think you missed the closure at the neckband. Just a detail but maybe worth 50$ ;)

And since i'm de-lurking now i can tell you i really like your creations, they're unique and stylish.

cidell said...

Ooooh. Great drawing. The directions do give a suggestion of leaving off the neck closure and back bow. So, you are on point with your drawing.

Geri said...

Oh thank you natron for de-lurking. Great to meet you! And thank you for the point.
Cidell, thanks a lot for the cue. I still have time till the 18th to revise!

oonaballoona said...

looks wonderful, i hope you win! the technical drawings at burdastyle always win me over more than the actual garment, you can see so much more of what it could be. didn't care for the allison suit till i saw this :)

mompaca said...

I am so crazy about the way you conceptualize garment construction. I wish all patterns were presented in this way.

You are very talented and I have bookmarked on my comuter.