Current Projects

First is my attempt at some curtains. I must say somehow till now I always had some unorthodox curtain ideas... My last curtains were made of milky white latex. This time I got some organic cotton knit from ebay. I paid 6 eu for 20 meters so its fine.

Surprisingly it is a tube... When I cut it open it is enough but I have to buy some cotton tape to keep it from getting a tube again.

Maybe there will be some left for a blouse.
Next project is a coveted second Swing Dress. I find the other one so comfy and flattering I just have to make another this summer. And I left all my pattern blocks at Kassel... So I need something I can just measure up first. This is the fabric, it has definitely something retro-curtainisch, a viscose jersey:

And at the end - a new love of mine. I got this 1.50x1.00 meter 100% silk really cheap from ebay You can get some great silks there sometimes. Did you noticed the phenomenon, that most of the beautiful silks have awful old fashioned prints and is difficult to find a "cool" silk?
It said silk satin, but I will say it is more Crepe de Chine, no satin shine here. I just felt in love with the colours. The best thing still is the weirdness of the flowers - my science fiction, futuristic soul just adore their freakishness. They remind me of a cartoons of alien planets, I was watching as a kid.

The problem is I don't know what to sew out of it. A blouse definitely, but somehow it has to be special. The only idea I have is the usual shirtlike thing. But I don't really want that. Please, please give me some ideas and inspiration!
Funny backstage fact: Do you have an obsession with repeating numbers too?

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oonaballoona said...

flower muslin thing with added poofy skirt! so that i may covet it.