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I have a list of projects on my mind that is ongoing and never ending. And sometimes I just think I should take it slowly one by one and stop adding new projects before I finish the old ones...
So instead of working on the Autumn Strokes pattern (I will do that next week) I was working on the 80s dress pattern.
And I made a muslin.
I have bought the cotton I used exactly with the idea of that muslin. It can be wearable but I won't be unhappy if it doesn't work out... I mean I actually don't like that print a lot. There is something about it.
The whole thing made a real muslin evolution process. First I went for a Dolman sleeve:

Somehow it looked a bit dowdy to me. And it was pulling in weird places. So I cut the sleeves off:

Hm maybe a bit better, but somehow not... So the last thing I did was that:

Kind of like it. But I think the skirt is a bit too full - is a half circle. I will make it longer and less full for the original. I added darts at the bust. Maybe there is too much puff around the waist. I still don't feel it is right.

On the other front I've sewn the curtains. The cotton knit stretched a bit and they got all wonky but I still like them. I used a poly chiffon with a great print I've bought to make the Azalea dress but I couldn't imagine to wear that plastic polyester...

And last for Oona and to finish off her "What we drank week" I had a yeast beer from a weird bottle yesterday.


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oonaballoona said...

that bottle is stunning. it's making me thirsty.

i love your final decision on your muslin. what if when making the skirt section longer you went reverse poofy with it, a la the marie skirt?