At last a coat!

My coat is done at last! And thanks god it is still winter - It would have been mighty stupid to get it done in spring, since I opted for a very thick padded lining.
Winters in Berlin are quite cold, you know. We had an extraordinary cold weather last week. It have been like -22 C in the night and -12 C office lunchtime temperature. So like in a kindergarten in office everybody is being sick for weeks and it being the infectious nest it is , I got sick this week too. So the whole story to explain why the lining is a bit ugly - I sewed it in anyway, but my concentration skills were running low.
So I guess I wont be showing a lot of detail on it.
The pattern for the coat is from the BWOF 10/2008 :

I liked the rounded shoulder panel a lot. But I had to do some major changes . The pattern is a bit boxy for me, the worst being the sleeves. They are too wide and make you look as if you are wearing your grandpa's old coat. Which is OK if you refashion it. Which I did.
So I took a lot in at the shoulder panel and at the sleeves. I added some darts at the waist for more fitted look and I didn't have that much time to bother with the pockets so I made the in the side seam. It wouldn't have worked with the darts any other way.
I also made the coat longer for a larger cold protection area. A detachable hood came with the same purpose.

So first some flat lying photos. I will try to make some outside images of me wearing it on the weekend to get some foggy atmosphere.


EmilyKate said...

Oh fabulous!

I haven't attempted a coat before, this year I hope to!

Adriana B. said...

Love it! The plaid is so gorgeous, I want to scream! I've had the same problem with too much sleeves in Burda coats, and I like how you handles it. As far as your dart/pocket solution, I think you found the perfect one. The execution is fabulous too!

Christina said...

You even added a hood! Very nice. Definitely show us pictures of you wearing your new coat. Get well soon!

Maddy*Moo said...

I love your work!

I have added your blog to my blog list, please visit and let me know what you think.