Wearing the coat

So I didn't found anybody to make the photos on the outside this weekend - to be honest I didn't search...
So I made them inside.

Open Collar:


High closed Collar:


Here are the problems starting and I see them in the photos more than in the real life. First the darts are making a bit weird silhouette in some positions.

Than the real thing - I displaced the darts a bit to get white/white rows together. And I thought it is not that obvious as it actually is. Now I am in a dilemma - do I redo the dart and have a white/white and black/black double rows or I live it like this...

The lining:

A single peek at the ugly lining. The sleeves are made out of a thinner fabric to reduce bulk.

The fabric:

I bought the fabric on ebay. I paid 12 euro for 2,5 meter without the postal cost. The ebay shop adress - it is on german, but they surely ship internation if it pays off for you. The fabrics they offer are changing the whole time.


Emmanuance said...


EmilyKate said...

It's nice to see it being modelled! You look great.

Tany said...

Your coat turned out AWESOME!!!! Bravo!!!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

Another great creation...even with your dart dilemma.
If you do decided to redo the darts, maybe you can space them futher apart (more to the left and rigt sides) to keep your print stripes together like you wanted to, but still keep the great shape you fitted.
And you could always cover it with a nice chunky belt!!

Vicki said...

Great coat! You could also make four smaller darts and that may work better too.

loopylulu said...

So versatile. I think Vicki's comment about 4 smaller darts seems like a good way to go if you really wanted to change the back. In reality, I think it's a detail that most people will never even notice but I understand how aggravating it can be to the sewer.

paco peralta said...

Geri .- another beautiful garment. ahhh ... and plaid. I like the details added to the model: the lining, the hood, the engravings .... thanks for show.

Saludos, Paco