Square skirt the actual piece

So here it comes the skirt I actually sewed using the pattern I explained in the previous post. It is a comfy no-thought skirt that I wear all the time. I need to sew more of this daily wearable skirts, but I made it with a bit of twist this time just to get some variation. Don't have to run around with a clones of my clothes, only in a different colour.

Here again the corner hem if I you didn't get it from mine somehow not that precise explanation...

I think I will dedicate this month on a very easy quick pieces, since I don't have a lot of time and concentration skills right now anyway. Next project will be a easy elastic waist pant, that still looks chic enough. Than some cardigans.
Talking about cardigans I must say here that Burdastyle announced that they are not going to have free patterns anymore and start selling them all, even older ones. I stopped downloading their stuff long time ago - just cause I have my Burda subscription and they have same or similar patterns, cheaper and quicker for me (all the printing is boring and I don't have a printer at home right now). I understand their need to make cash, but I think they solved it in a rather rude way, changing policy without a notice in a day and than explaining it was always the plan. If it was always the plan, they should have said so beforehand. It would have been something different then.
Saying that I am not quite sure that if I draft a full pattern in the future, I will publish it there. Maybe I should find a way to do it on the blog, since I had problems with the fact that through publishing it on Burdastyle page, they gain the exclusive rights on the pattern. They always have been very nice, but I am left with the feeling there is some transparency missing.


Anonymous said...

I love all your clothes! I even bought plaid fabric to copy your beautiful plaid shirts and dress. You have good taste!

On another note, I agree with your statement about burda. I, too, was so disappointed with their email. I quickly went to the site and downloaded the items I wanted, but still... charging for patterns will change the whole "open source Patterns" they claim to have. *sigh*

Please do keep posting how you make your items! I love reading your tutorials! :)

cheryl said...

It is a lovely skirt. Plaid seems to be very popular lately. I am still a little nervous to sew with it though. (matching is not my strong suit!)
I too was dissapointed in the way that Burdastyle handled that announcement, and think it will really hurt was seemed to be a great idea, building a community.
I do love all the techniques that you show on your blog, it is great inspiration, Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to more!

Dalila said...

Fun skirt, Geri! and the tutorial on the previous post is really nice, as usual. Do those take you a lot of time? I think it would take me a lot of time, which is why I never make them for my stuff.
I agree about the abrupt "pay now" business with BurdaStyle. I can see that if they had announced a date, they would have had a great deal of downloads in advance. But it definitely wasn't transparent. All the featured members note that they love the free patterns and I notice that items that are not free rarely have many completed items. The current site has so bugs and that doesn't make it a good selling point for a commercial site, in my opinion. But it is for them to do, and perhaps some competitors will come along with a better site (more like ravelry maybe) that is less restrictive and overtly commercial.
Nice to see your posts and read your thoughts!

Geri said...

Hi Dalila!
The tutorials take like app. 2 hours, but off course it depends on the difficulty. I am quick with the software, since I use it on daily basis. But still I always have to find some time and motivation to do them...
Maybe Burdastyle will just manage to make it work. But they have to make a better plan and not just quick or naive decision making.