Square skirt pattern

I am turning into weekend sewer/ blogger. This first week of the year was a very busy one - I had to finish a concept presentation for Friday and worked some extra hours. I tried to sew a bit on Tuesday or more to cut out the coat lining. It ended in me cutting 3 pieces wrong. On Wednesday I just used my 2 hours before sleeping to work on a panty pattern/muslin. It turned out to be a quick and relaxing project emptying pleasently my head just the right way (Almost equal to nice cold bottle of beer. But only almost!). I will work on this pattern and make a how-to on the blog. It is easier than I thought and I am excited about this.
I thought that I haven't posted a pattern tutorial in a long time, so I made an easy one on a skirt I did during the holidays. Hope you enjoy it!
As always click on the images to get them larger.

I will post the skirt itself next!

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