Nude Dress

Oh je. I have sewn so much, but I haven't posted in ages again. The real problem actually is my camera. I get always soo depressed with it. I need a new one soon.

So after I complained about it again I can post some clothes. First a jersey dress I made in 3-4 hours. Very easy, made out of my basic knit sloper. I will try to make a tutorial soon.

Funny Backstage Fact: I am totally horrified by snakes. It is a real phobia. But I really hate to have it, so I am trying to beat it all the time. The result is a snake print obsession. This leggings were love at first sight and a chance for a free therapy. Indeed the first time I wore them I couldn't look at my legs. Now it is all ok, so maybe I will try the terrarium next.


Gail said...

Love the young vibe of this dress. Your tights are very cute.

Clipping Path said...

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