Tunic 3?

I think this is the third tunic? Or the second? I don't remember exactly. Fact is I used again the the Burdafashion pattern:

It is 120 from the 02/2009 issue. The changes I made by all tunic are putting elastic on the sides at the waist. The other thing is bottom is finished with a placket.

The fabric is a nice paisley patterned silk I got from Ebay some time ago. I actually didn't like it at he beginning cause I thought it looks a bit old. That was the reason I wanted to give to my mother. But she got a bit annoyed I want to pass things I see as old to her...
At the end I ended loving the final result. Silk is soo nice to wear!


Gail said...

You make very nice things. I've been looking for a tunic pattern - didn't notice this one when I was going through my BWOF issues. I'll have to take another look.

Emmanuance said...

Very nice. I like this paisley pattern.