I've been gone for soo long.
I know.
I can't even handle blogger quite right now. It has changed since the last time I've used it or I have just forgotten.
So but that is not the biggest change in my life and the reason I wasn't posting for such a long period. The reason is here:

                                                                           Kalina around 2 months old

This reason is quite a big girl already and is eating Müsli right now next to me. Eating is actually the wrong term - painting will be more like it. Or a study about the inherent potential of the müsliness not related to eating.

She was born on 21.02.2011:

Kalina around 10 months old

 Kalina around 13 months old

I had tough pregnancy working full time and walking to work through snow and rain. I did a lot of stuff for her before she was born, but I never posted it, since time was an issue.

After she was born it was a lot tougher than I ever imagined. Probably even first time parents with pessimistic touch and great imagination are getting hit in the face by the reality of it at first. She used to cry for hours the first months with me carrying her around the whole time. It was crazy.

Later on we had a longer period where she was waking almost every hour in the night and I was tired as hell. Right now we are almost OK. She still wakes 1-3 times in the night but she is so much easier to take care of. I am even able to do some sewing with her playing next to me or sitting on my lap and trying to push every available button.

With all the difficulties of taking care of a small baby and later a toddler - every day still is so precious with our little crazy. She is so unbelievably funny and perfect. I am just amazed most of the time and miss her even if I am away for half an hour.

I will try writing on the blog a bit more next. I saw a lot of requests for the patterns I've made. I will try to put them on the blog next, but first I will have to find them...

So lets see if I manage to post more often!


hilde said...

Wow, that sounds like a tough time. But congratulations and welcome back!

marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

eek blogger ate my comment. i can only imagine if i had a toddler, i would just walk away from the computer..

your beautiful kalina is the best reason for a blogger absence:))). i'm so glad to see you back even if only for a minute a month! congratulations geri!

ceregana said...

oooh oona, I was still trying to read your blog when I can. You are unstoppable right now.
One of the reasons I am mostly walking away the computer is that she is trying to get at it. There is always a hand coming from below and hitting each button it can. She also has the talent to activate functions even the makers are unaware of...
But truth is that actually it really is fun for all involved.

marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

ah, a little blogger in the making!!! just wait till she learns to sew :)

Netty said...

Congratulations on the little lady, and welcome back ;)

wildmary said...

Glad to see you, welcome back !
And congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Totally understandable! Congrats and welcome back!

Christina said...

I am just now reading this post for the first time. You have a 2 year old now - how wonderful! Congratulations :)