The pillow cases

I have some baby stuff I intend to post, but right now I fill like the pillow post.

I have done some baby sewing for K lately with the intention of making a Dawanda  -Etsy- toddler baby-cloths-shops (long phrase, ah?). Lets see when this project will happen... 

I am not particularly far kind of doing the same leggings with skirt pattern all the time. I want to get it really neat and test different colours. She already has four of them. And then friends twins had their third birthday and I made them really girly versions I forgot to photograph and must ask for photos of. These were soo large with 116 sizing and I didn't had a leggings pattern. So it took too much precious evening time completing. 
Now I've written unintentionally too much already about the baby stuff, so here one out of fokus photo: 

More in the next post.

So maybe you are thinking " aaah? what was that with the pillow post?". Yes. I really needed to do something fun and chic. And I wanted some new covers for three sofa pillows. The last ones are absolutely formless unintelligible blobs made 4 days before birth in a last minute frenzy:

Hehe. Ugly.

I have some scraps left of this cool ikea fabric I've made the living room curtains of.

So I thought I will cut some animals out and make them some nice triangulated landscape to dwell in.

I drew directly on the fabric and stitched it immediately on.

The finished product (and there is some thread I didn't clean up for the  photo...):

I feel I went a step to far. It might be too much with the straight lines for the leaves. Maybe I will be undoing them. Not quite sure.

Anyway I think next there will be some wolf howling at the moon and some rendeer in conifer landscape. But I will probably first make a paper drawing. Might be smarter.


marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

i like the lines! maybe just not on the tree?

Anonymous said...

Oooh nice. I just found your blog today and I'm loving all your makes. Got your RSS feed now so see you around!