Circle Skirt

You know right now I am all for simple and quick patterns. I do not have any time at all actually. Sewing time is lost sleeping time. So instant gratification and a quick, please, not too much thinking involving stuff is the one I love.

On the other side I know well when Oona wrote she is not that much in love with cheap fabric any more. I was thinking this is something that happens to everyone who is getting more advanced in sewing. The excitement of I''ve made this bag all alone! is wearing off a bit and one starts to be more critical. Like "Now I want something that HM don't have for less that my fabric cost!". And "I want that my time spent on it to really pay off" (I don't mean the occasional wadder - it is part of the process).

So virtual dialog over I think that this kind of transformation happend to me like two years ago when I got obsessed with silk. I will scan shops and Ebay on cheap silk (buying full price is no fun) and be really euphoric when I happen to get some. Honestly I am more of collecting it since I mostly don't dare making it into a garment being afraid not to ruin it. Since I have my little baby girl I am even worst. Few weeks ago I cleaned my stash (never enough storage space here somehow) and threw away everything that is pure or mostly poly.

It felt liberating. But that is maybe mostly cause there is less fabric needed to be sewn. No time you know.

Hmmmmm, honestly I am still buying fabric, so there is actually not less fabric to be sewn.


I will post the pattern tutorial first and a sew together next. There might be some spelling mistakes in the tutorial I will have to check them later and than I will make a pdf too. Still if you download the image it is readable.

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marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

for some reason i can't wrap my head around any of the circle skirt tutes out there, so i'm very excited to see yours-- the snapshot looks so pretty....

and big ups for throwing out the poly. i now realize i've been the recipient of several stash purges of sewists who made the leap away from cheapo stuff. interesting....