At last something else

Remember the silk cotton fabric I bought. The one with the 80s vibe. It wouldn't just leave me alone - I was thinking a lot what kind of dress I should make out of it. So I made this sketches first:

Then I quickly drew this pattern from my block:

It is quite simple and I don't know if it works. I will make a muslin out of it in a black cotton first. I am not really a muslin person - I hate producing something I wouldn't wear so I always try to make them wearable.
The real issue of the fashion fabric is that I want this flower in the front upper part:

So cutting may be problem. I don't know anyway if I will have the time to sew that one soon...


paco peralta said...

Oh! If, Geri, you need to make a muslin .... but more work is needed to see clearly the model. It is the work of "haute couture" but then you have the reward of a dress well done and admired. Much success in this project, really. Greetings. Paco

Geri said...

Thank you Paco, I think I definetely will make a muslin - I am sure there are a lot of mistakes in this pattern, since I am not so experience in doing that, but I am passionate about learning!